Collection: Tree, Bamboo, Palm, and Grapevine Nutrition Products

Choose fruit, nut, grapevine, bamboo, conifer, deciduous, and palm trees in this section. 

Our plant-based, beyond organic tree food combines sea kelp, minerals, and even worm castings in some of our blends to provide the best nutrition for your trees to be healthy.

Some trees need specific ingredients to perform at peak levels in nature, we emulate that with our nutrient blends for different types of trees. 

Choose the right nutrient for your trees in this list of products. 

Feed trees by top dressing the soil over roots and running a sprinkler, adding to a hose bib syphon tank, or simply mix it in a 5 gallon pail with water and pour over roots. You can even spray the leaves to feed your trees, no chance of burning since it’s all natural. Your trees will love it. A 10 oz bag makes 20 gallons of mixed solution, or enough to feed one established tree as frequently as once per month.

2 tablespoons tree food per gallon of water. 

Feed trees 5 gallons per month when newly planted the first year, and every other month the following years. You cannot over do it with our tree food. Automatically balances pH for your tree, even if it is planted in a less than ideal soil or yard.