Collection: Flower, Veggie, & Rose Garden Nutrients


Plant based, All-In-One Nutrition

For veggie, fruits, flowers, roses, and herb gardens


Our powdered plant food, is sustainable, regenerative, and improves any soil it is added to.

With specific blends for each type of plant, you can fine tune your garden’s soil into a super-powered regenerative environment. 

Included in our 120 ingredients is wild harvested cold-water seakelp, mycorrizha, organic wormcastings, virtually every usable mineral/trace mineral, and so much more. It supplements any soil type.

Any dirt, potting soil, or grow medium can be(and probably is) deficient or empty of minerals, even certified organic NPK plant food. Adding our nutrients to your soil will turn it into a mineral and food rich home for your plants. Our plant food is 100% available, so now your plants will not have to expend energy normally used converting minerals as they grow. Our plant food fortifies your soil so that your food can fortify you. 

The organic worm castings in Eartheart plant food supercharges the other ingredients, the combination is amazing. 

You eat your home-grown veggies because you want the healthiest food. Eartheart ensures that plants eat right so that you eat right.

When it arrives at your door, our plant food is ready to be introduced to your plants simply by adding it to water or sprinkling the dry product over the soil. The plants immediately use it as it is ready to be converted into energy by the plant. 

It's a great seed starter, safe for any stage of plant growth. Cannot burn your plants. 

No PFAs, no micro plastics, no heavy metals, no animal based meals(blood, bone, or feather), no chemical biproducts, no sewage, no fillers, no "other" or "inert" ingredients, no fake nitrogen, or anything else that you and your plants shouldn't be eating.

Did you know that healthy plants are more resistant to fungus, blights, molds, and insects? Strain our mixed plant food into a spray bottle and use as a foliar spray to feed them through the leaves, the plant's surfaces will be even more healthy when treated from the outside! You can do so much with our product.

Our plant food cleans up the soil through regeneration. Poisoned soil, fill dirt from landfills, potting soils, depleted and tilled soil; none of these have very much life in them, and this puts a strain on plants as they grow. Plants might grow in these, but any fruit produced will have chemicals and toxins in them and may have no nutrients at all. Our plant food replenishes good bacteria with each feeding, and when our minerals, mycorrizha, and plant based nutrition continually goes into the soil, it teems with more and more new life each season. This works in native soils like black dirt, sandy, red, loamey, rocky, and clay soils. It doesnt really matter because if something is missing because of soil type, our plant food puts it right in and makes it better with each feeding. Eartheart helps virtually any plant grow virtually anywhere.

We know pH is very important for plant health. If the pH is off in the soil, plants do not have alot of energy and so they produce less. Our plant food automatically balances and adjusts the pH in your soil with each feeding. 

Mixing Instructions

Add 2 teaspoons of dry mix to 1 gallon of clean water,  Let plant food soften and break down in the water for 15 minutes before using. Use mix within 24 hours. 

Note: will not dissolve 100% this is normal with organic materials...

You can also sprinkle the dry mix around your plants above the roots before watering. It will dissolve slowly when you water your plants.

Great for hydro setups as well.

It's a great seed starter, safe for any stage of plant growth. Cannot burn your plants.