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Plant Wash 1 quart bottle

Plant Wash 1 quart bottle

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Healthy plants needs clean surfaces in addition to healthy, mineral rich soil. Dust, dirt, oils, and soot can stress the surfaces of leaves and stems, even the soil the plants grow in. Healthy plants naturally resist fungus and harmful insects if the surfaces are clean. So using our spray will keep your plant surfaces healthy, helping your them fight off these harmful pests using their own natural defense systems!


Ready to spray!


Our plant wash is easy to use and can be sprayed on all plants to keep their surfaces healthy. Use as a top dressing as well over newly planted areas to improve the health of the dirt your plant will grow in. 


Includes essential oils for a wonderful smell and freshening appeal indoors or out. 


Apply daily or as needed in very dusty, insect-infested, or high mold-prone areas. 


Your plants will be so happy!


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